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Administrative Services

Our professional administrative service team can take care of the small, routine details, giving you more time to take care of what matters most – growing your business.

Diversity is our strength.

We work with a wide range of businesses in many industries, and we've learned to adapt to different styles and needs. Once our clients come to understand what we can do for them, there is virtually no limit to how we help them grow their business. Like a trustworthy concierge, our team of dedicated professionals are available to perform a plethora of tasks:

  • Processing phone orders and payments 
  • Calendars and appointment management
  • Outbound phoning and faxing
  • CRM, spreadsheet and database maintenance 
  • E-mail campaign distribution
  • Newsletter design and distribution
  • Purchasing supplies or gifts and ordering catering
  • Updating expense forms and credit card matching
  • Typing letters and preparing outgoing mail
  • Issuing invoices, receipts and deposits

Key Features of our Administrative Services

High Quality Work

Our work is quality controlled by an on-site manager at all times, so you can rest assured we'll get the job done right.

Low Overhead

 You only pay for the work performed, so no need to look for ways to fill someone’s day to justify a salary.

No HR Headaches

Hiring and managing your own staff can get complicated. With our staff, there are no more HR headaches.

Diverse Knowledge

We work with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, and we pass the benefits of our diverse knowledge onto you.

On Demand

Our work is on-demand, so you can use us as little or as much as you need. Did we mention this is great for seasonal businesses?


We grow with your business. We see this as the natural evolution of earning your trust. We’re ready to grow at your pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tasks can you do for my business?

Our client base covers dozens of industries and our staff have been trained to perform hundreds of different tasks in almost every type of business. There are many similarities among businesses which allows us to become efficient at helping you. We can assist you with almost any administrative task that is not required by industry regulation to be performed by a licensed professional, such as securities transaction instructions, insurance coverage changes or real estate title administration.

What are the most common types of tasks you do for your clients?

We can do almost any other administrative task that makes your life easier, however some of the most common tasks include the following:

  • processing phone orders and credit card payments
  • managing calendars and appointment bookings, cancellations and rescheduling
  • making outbound phone calls
  • maintain CRMs
  • sending email campaigns
  • updating databases
  • designing and sending newsletters
  • ordering catering, gift purchases, office supplies and other purchasing activities
  • updating expense forms and credit card matching
  • emailing invoices & issuing receipts
  • making bank deposits
  • typing letters
  • prepare outgoing mail
  • envelope stuffing
  • faxing
  • spreadsheet data entry

Does the work I have for you have to be recurring?

No. Many of our clients have recurring work for us that is ongoing such as appointment reminder calls and email campaigns, but we also do a lot of special project work for clients such as one-time conversion data entry, or a mass mail campaign.

I use CRM software to help manage my business and contacts. Can you do work for me within my own systems?

We can work with almost any system that is accessible via the internet or a VPN connection.

Does the same person perform the work all the time?

Depending on the type of work being performed, we will typically have the same person doing the work for you to ensure a consistent quality, however we always cross-train our Client Care Specialists so that the work can still be done in the case of absence or illness of the primary Client Care Specialist.

How do you ensure the quality of the work?

All of the work we do for you by our Client Care Specialists is overseen by a seasoned business manager who will ensure the work is done to your satisfaction and is your main point of contact.  Having one contact person makes it easier to ensure expectations are set properly front the beginning and consistently met or exceeded.

How much does it cost?

Our services are priced according to a variety of factors including complexity of the work, the recurring nature of the work, and the volume of work being considered. We will always give you a fixed price for project based tasks or fixed recurring activities. If the task is based on fluctuating volumes from month to month, we will quote you a per unit price.

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